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So many of you ask us how you can support the work we’re doing, whether you’re a GirlDreamer or not.

We’ve now created a way to make that possible! 

Thank you for considering GirlDreamer as the organisation you’d like to support!

Our work is nuanced, specific and is constantly adapting to the cultural and societal shifts that take place in our world.

With your support, we can go beyond what traditional business and funding allows us to do. We can really dream big and invest so much more into our community of GirlDreamers. We can create, respond and deliver in moments of need and open up new possibilities and opportunities for them to thrive.

If you’d like to support us in furthering our mission of supporting women of colour to do, be and achieve more and turning their dreams of social change into reality, please consider supporting our efforts below. 

Thank you in advance for your kind support and generosity, we wish you all the goodness!


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Transparency is really important to us here at GirlDreamer and so we want to break down exactly how you’ll be supporting our efforts.


This is our very own grant-making arm where we directly support other young women of colour-led organisations or movements who are on their social change journey. This fund provides £500 grants to bring our communities visions for change to life or to sustain their current efforts. Each year we will support 20-40 women of colour leaders who so far, are tackling issues in tech, the arts, finance, business, women’s health, mental health, education and much more. We believe in the potential and leadership of women of colour and that’s why we want to #supportoursisters and do our bit to contribute to a wider change that goes beyond us by creating a ripple effect. Your kind donation will be added to our funding pot, ready to make change. 


All of our work is kept free for our community. Statistically and in our own experience, cost presents a huge barrier in accessing learning and support which then has knock-on effects towards development. We want to remove that barrier. It’s why we reinvest our finances to cover the costs it takes to create and deliver our work so for GirlDreamers, it’s totally accessible. Donations help to cover these incurred costs so our community can continue to learn, grow and dream freely. 

Thank you deeply for your support and belief in us!


If you’d like to learn more about our work and how we support our community, please 

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