5 Things I’ve Learnt From Being a Trustee

So, I’m a Trustee on two Boards. At GirlDreamer of course, and over at NCVO. They’re very different yes, but the responsibility I have and feel is all the same because they’re both about steering and supporting two organisations in the social sector that are working to do their best for the communities they serve. […]

The Time We Became Funders

Since lockdown began, things got crazy for us in weird and wonderful ways. One of those ways was through us realising how well positioned we really are to support our community and how we understand a lot more than we give ourselves credit for. You see, we’ve always thought funding should be different. The power […]

The Time I Accidentally Became a National Council Trustee – LOL

So, one day I gave the most unprepared speech of my life in front of 600 people. The next day, that speech led me on to become a trustee for a national organisation. Yeah, I know, crazy stuff right?! I woke up early on a Saturday morning which was the day after my appointment to […]


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