The Time I Accidentally Became a National Council Trustee – LOL

The Time I Accidentally Became a National Council Trustee – LOL

So, one day I gave the most unprepared speech of my life in front of 600 people. The next day, that speech led me on to become a trustee for a national organisation. Yeah, I know, crazy stuff right?!

I woke up early on a Saturday morning which was the day after my appointment to the board was announced and I had this sudden urge to explain how it actually happened. I felt like the “how” was really important in this context and I wanted other young people/women of colour to see themselves in the story to hopefully inspire or at least encourage them to keep going on their journey.

So naturally, my first thought was to tweet about how this crazy moment and what came of it happened and it caused a little buzz. But the spirit of saving a double explanation and running the risk of my Twitter storytelling ability being better than my blogging storytelling ability, I’ve done the simple thing and just put all my thread of tweets on the matter in this post so you can see how the madness all unfolded, how the universe truly does work in mysterious ways and why sometimes, we should all just trust the process. Enjoy! …

Since I’m on a moral roll over here, another one to add is this – you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take in life. Don’t always expect from it but certainly don’t shy away from trying, it might just be the best thing you ever did for your professional or even your personal life.

If you feel yourself wanting to follow the randomness that is my twitter, it’s @KiranNotKeiran (subtle, I know).





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