Munpreet Kaur

How to Stand Up for What is Right and Advocate for Change

We grow up hearing that we should stand up for what we believe in. However, as we grow and begin to put this into practice, it is often dismissed, undermined and ignored. To stand for something and up to something means to advocate. We advocate for what is right and for the rights of others. […]

How to Navigate the Current Job Market

The current job market is an exhausting one. Despite countless stories of labour shortages and more roles than ever available before, for those looking for a new job, these ‘jobs’ seem to be in short supply. In an outrageously competitive market, it seems that there are more applicants than roles available. As a result, a […]

How to Bloom in Springtime

Here at GirlDreamer, we love Spring and all that it stands for. A really exciting time for nature, Spring brings freshness, light, new blooms and an end to the icy chill of the cold and draining winter months. One of our favourite things about Spring is that it gives new light and a renewed sense […]

The Weight of the World

by Abimbola Adeagbo Catherine sat on the edge of her bed, her hands nervously tapping on her thighs. The weight of her responsibilities and the pressure of her failing relationship had been eating at her for weeks.  She didn’t know how to cope with the stress anymore.  “Hey, Catherine, are you okay?” Her roommate, Sarah, […]

How to Start a New Routine While Pursuing Your Dreams

As a new season starts, it’s natural to want more. A part of this is setting new goals, looking for new opportunities, and wanting as a whole to just do more. As we work towards our goals and try to better ourselves and our lives, a natural next step is to determine what we can […]

How South Asian Culture Impacts Confidence in Women

by Priya Mohal Navigating the delicate balance between expressing oneself and maintaining respect can be a challenge for South Asian women.  Growing up, I often felt disheartened when urged to be more assertive and confident in myself. Much of this reluctance stemmed from cultural norms ingrained in many South Asian women, encouraging obedience and adherence […]

Me, Myself and My Mind – A Mental Health Recovery Story

by Sandeep Saib Trigger Warning: Suicide, body image, eating disorder I am Sandeep Saib (she/her) and I am a Lived/Living Experience (‘Expert by Experience’) Mental Health Advocate, Philanthropist and Public Speaker. I really emphasise the ‘living’ in that title, because I am still going through my own mental health journey – even whilst you are […]

Creating the Life You Want in 2024

Isn’t there something so magical about a new year? The offering of a fresh start, a blank page. A whole year to seize. To us, it’s the most exciting time of the year. A time when we can sit down and really determine what we want and how to work towards it. Now, we know […]

The Rise of Single South-Asian Women

by Mani Hayre When are you getting married? Who hasn’t been asked this question at some family function by a random, and often not-so-random family member?  Particularly if the woman in question is over 35 and perceived to be getting older, less viable and one who is seen to be living her best life and […]

How to Start Your New Right

The time before and immediately after a New Year is always so interesting and complex. It’s a time of joy, excitement and rest but also a time of angst and dread. Dread as we wait for real life to begin again and have to start enduring all that comes with it again. Over this short […]


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