Munpreet Kaur

The Intelligence Officer Development Programme: What’s It Really Like

Being an Intelligence Officer at MI5 might sound like a daunting prospect, but the truth is, you’ve already got a lot of what it takes. Being a good Intelligence Officer is all about using your instincts and judgement to spot patterns and make links. It’s about collaboration and teamwork. And about using your way of […]

Why You Should Embrace Delusion

This world is not easy to live in, and it seems to just get harder. With more obstacles to navigate and ever-evolving difficulties, it’s as though there is a neverending list of hardships to overcome. In response to these difficulties and the hardship of reality, we are told to put our heads down and work. […]

Ahista Stories X GirlDreamer

by Zainab Mahmood In October 2022, three years into writing articles and making Instagram content on the harmful environmental and human impacts of the fashion industry, I started a Master’s in Environment, Politics and Development at SOAS. When I was working on my application, I was dillydallying around about whether to study part-time or full-time. […]

A Day in the Life as an MI6 Intelligence Officer

At MI6, our mission is simple. To protect the security and economic wellbeing of the UK. But the challenges we face to achieve that mission are incredibly complex. And we know it’s crucial we have a diverse organisation to be successful.  Learn what it’s like to be an Intelligence Officer and about Carla’s experience being […]

The Representation of WoC in the Media

Representation in media is an ever-evolving and nuanced topic. As the world has progressed, growing less homogenised and more multicultural, we have seen more diversity on our screens. But what does this mean for Women of Colour (WoC)? As diversity and cultural inclusion have progressed, we have seen more WoC than ever before on our […]

The Power of Connection: Exploring Nature, Community, and Self

by Priyanka Roychoudhury In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, finding moments of solace and meaning can be a challenge. Amid the chaos, it becomes essential to forge connections that ground us and nurture our personal growth. With this in mind, I joined the GirlDreamer Retreat in Cairngorms National Park in June 2023. The retreat promised […]

How to Live Your Best Life This Summer

Is it just us, or is life just easier in summer? After months of darkness, dullness and rain, summer brings the refresh we all need. With brighter, longer days, summer is the perfect time to cultivate joy, create new opportunities and live your best life. We know that during summer, it is easy to fall […]

How to Successfully Enter the World of Work

Growth and progression are things we all strive for. We love achieving more, growing in ourselves and our accomplishments and looking ahead to take new steps and experience new things in life. However, any type of growth or progression is inherently daunting. A period of growth we all experience is entering the world of work […]

How to Find Friends as an Adult

Relationships are connected to our strongest emotions. In successful, positive relationships we feel safe, happy, confident and hopeful. They are a vital part of our every day and contribute to our health and well-being. In life, we are expected to create and maintain important relationships. We are told to place great importance on familial and […]

How to Have a Beginner’s Mindset

by Priyanka Roychoudhury We get introduced to new things as children regularly. Learning is second nature to us. We are not only expected by society to learn but also provided with the space to fail while learning. However, as we grow up, both these aspects diminish in our lives. But the need to learn doesn’t. […]


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