How to Bloom in Springtime

How to Bloom in Springtime

Here at GirlDreamer, we love Spring and all that it stands for. A really exciting time for nature, Spring brings freshness, light, new blooms and an end to the icy chill of the cold and draining winter months.

One of our favourite things about Spring is that it gives new light and a renewed sense of hope. Offering faith and excitement, Spring reinvigorates us and our desires. Whether we set new goals, continue to work on ones already set, or just settle in to enjoy the whimsical newness Spring brings, we can’t help but feel excited as we wait to see what awaits us.

As a new season begins, whether intentional or not, we typically feel a period of transition and growth. Growth in who we are and what we are, and a transition that facilitates this. With Spring now in full swing, we want to help you navigate any period of transition you may be experiencing and give our top tips on how to thrive in the season of new life!

Identify What You Want for the Season

As we enter a new season, it is normal to feel unsettled and overwhelmed. New seasons mean new beginnings. And with new beginnings come challenges, obstacles and angst. With the beginning of Spring, these feelings and more can be amplified because of what Spring brings. Bringing new life, freshness, light and proximity to Summer, you may feel rushed and anxious, as though you need to catch up with past goals.

An easy way to overcome these feelings is to identify what you want from this new season. Whether it’s to set new goals, continue working on ones previously set or just embrace the season and let it surprise you, in identifying what you want for the season, you can settle your nerves, embrace the season and prepare for any period of growth or transition you may experience.

Identifying what you want from the season allows you to realign and make powerful, enlightening steps towards your goals and embrace happiness.

Switch up your routine

Spring brings new life, fresh blooms, brighter mornings and longer days. Gone are the cold and dark days of winter. And so, our winter routines should also follow suit.

With the light and freshness Spring brings, we too, should switch up our routines to embrace the shift in nature. Now, we’re not talking about a complete change and routines that do not align with you and your schedule. But instead, smaller changes that allow you to embrace and thrive this season.

With longer and brighter days, switch up your schedule to make time for more time spent outdoors. Switch up your work routine to ensure you are not spending too much time behind your screen. Make plans after work so you are able to enjoy the warmer weather and longer days. Eat seasonally to enjoy the season’s blooms.

Switching up your routine to match a season is a really simple and effective way of aligning with seasons to ensure an easy transition and a thrilling season. Embracing the light, fresh and invigorating energy of Spring in your routine will help motivate and drive you.

Shed What No Longer Serves You

For us, Spring is a freeing season. With the end of winter, the dark days and the brittle cold, Spring sheds that season and starts anew.

This season, we encourage you to follow nature’s suit and shed what no longer serves you.

As we enter a new season, a natural period of growth and transition occurs, and an important part of this is recognising what no longer serves, excites or motivates you and shedding it. Continuing to find things that fuel us across the different parts of our lives is vital. It drives our happiness and fuels our joy, motivation levels and the pursuit of our goals.

So this season, follow what Spring does. Shed the old and embrace newness that will serve you and encourage growth and light.

Enjoy the Season and Embrace New Beginnings

Finally, the easiest way to shine this season is to embrace it! Find joy in the freshness of Spring, the greener grass, the sounds of nature, the brighter mornings and lighter days.

Enjoy and embrace what Spring means, and find comfort in new beginnings, transitions and periods of growth, regardless of how uncomfortable they may be. Spring is the season of new life, growth and light and embracing all of the above will ensure this season is one for the books.





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