How to Navigate the Current Job Market

How to Navigate the Current Job Market

The current job market is an exhausting one. Despite countless stories of labour shortages and more roles than ever available before, for those looking for a new job, these ‘jobs’ seem to be in short supply. In an outrageously competitive market, it seems that there are more applicants than roles available. As a result, a skilled, capable and talented workforce is unable to progress in their careers.

Applying for a new job and looking to make a change or progression can be daunting enough, but in a time when more people are looking for jobs than being hired, it can be anxiety-inducing and overwhelming. Despite being skilled, talented and more often than not, overqualified, there is still great difficulty in getting an interview for a job, let alone being hired. An exhausting process, the current market does not meet the demand of job seekers, and in a way, encourages those searching to settle for jobs they are over qualified for or to stay in their current roles where they have learnt and achieved all they can.

While we can hope that there will soon be a change in the job market, a more equitable hiring process, more roles available and an upgraded market to match the applicants looking for jobs, in the meantime, we have to work with what we’ve got. So here, at GirlDreamer, we want to help support you as you navigate the job market. Offering our top tips and tricks to stay motivated and positive as you navigate the current market, we want to help you combat exhaustion and encourage you to persevere.

Don’t Take it Personal

Yes, we know it is easier said than done. But, you must not take professional rejection personally. In an overwhelmed market, it can feel fruitless to continue applying when you either are not hearing back or all you are hearing back are no’s. It is vital that when you apply for new jobs and look to progress in your career, you remember that professional rejection or stagnation does not define you as a person. There is more value to you than your professional status. In the current exhausted job market, rejection will be common in whatever way it comes, be it an immediate no to an application, a no following an interview process or just no acknowledgement to an application. You must be able to move forward without internalising these rejections and recognise them for what they are re-directions. The role and change you want are out there, and you will get it, but in the meantime, you must persevere and not take professional rejection personally.

Use Resources

If you are applying for a new job or looking for a career change, the good thing about the current market is that there are now countless resources to find new opportunities. As a result, one of the most powerful ways to navigate the current market is to use the resources available to your advantage.

Explore platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed. Use your university or college networks to find roles or a way into a sector. Use the old-school method of networking in whatever way you can. Be it networking through friends, family, or past colleagues, any type of outreach effort will significantly increase your chances of finding a role or a referral to new opportunities.

Moreover, countless companies now push their opportunities through social media and use their platforms as tools to scout for new employees. As such, it is beneficial to use social media as another job-seeking platform by actively searching for roles that you are looking for. Using different platforms, networks and channels to find opportunities and roles is an easy way to stay informed of opportunities available and be one of the first to apply, be considered, or be thought of for new opportunities.


The process of looking for a new job can often be long and enduring. It takes patience and trust in the process and system. However, if you feel that, for some reason, you aren’t being considered or hearing back as frequently as you should be, consider up-skilling yourself in one way or another to make your application more appealing for the hiring process.

Gain experience and expand your network by becoming a trustee or taking on freelance projects relevant to your field. Learn a new skill that applies to different sectors, industries and roles. Be it communications, analytics or a current in-demand skill, coding. Learning and picking up a new skill that is widely used in all industries and deeply valued is an easy way to diversify your skillset and make yourself more appealing.

Another old-school tactic still considered useful on your CV is volunteering. Showing skills of commitment, time management and social responsibility, volunteering is an excellent way to show you are dedicated and comfortable in different sectors. Also, considering most companies now offer employees paid time off to volunteer, through time spent volunteering, you can show that you align with corporate social responsibility practices and will make a great addition to the team.

Refine Your Approach

Applying again and again and again to different roles is exhausting, especially in this job market. Be it completing application forms, sharing your CV and a cover letter or completing a task to showcase your skills, the application process is long and enduring. As a result, one of our top tricks to navigate the current job market is to refine your approach.

As the job market has evolved, so has the application process, and as a result, your approach to the process needs to evolve and develop to keep up with the current system to ensure you stand out as a candidate. Research the industry and role you are applying to. Attend events, webinars and workshops to stay current with industry news. Then, use the knowledge you’ve gained through your research throughout your application process to show your dedication and knowledge.

Adapt and customise your application and CV in response to the job specification to demonstrate how you can address and meet the needs of the role to make your application stand out. It’s also beneficial to have general answers prepared for common questions used in application processes that can then be altered and amended to industry or role-specific questions to ensure the process is quicker and less strenuous than it needs to be.

Another helpful way to refine your approach during your job search is to consider contract or consultancy work to diversify your experience and expand your skill set. Contract or consultancy opportunities are an easy way to accelerate your professional growth through advancement and development in your skill set. Offering exposure to different structures, challenges, industries, and a work environment that encourages autonomous work and self-reliance, consultancy/contract work amplifies skills and helps develop others. Tackling new projects, these types of opportunities broaden your knowledge and experience and make your application more appealing to recruiters because of the vast experience and growth you can gain through consultancy and contract work.

Don’t Give Up

Finally and most importantly, throughout the process of searching for a job, you must not give up. As exhausting and challenging as searching for a job, submitting applications and hearing rejection may be, you must persevere and carry on as you search for your next step.

Take as many breaks as you’d like, take a day or two to step away from your screen and not look for or apply to jobs as a way to centre, remind yourself of your goals and refresh. Following this, get back to it and continue to apply. As you continue through this journey, it is vital you remember that you are capable, qualified and intelligent enough for any role you want. A challenging job market does not mean that you are not deserving of your dream job or next step.

Your prospects are endless, and you must move through life understanding this.





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