How To Prioritise Yourself

How To Prioritise Yourself

As Women of Colour (WoC), we are expected to do it all and then some!

We are overextended, overworked and often overwhelmed.

Being expected to be everything for everyone is a lot. It can take a toll on your mental health, capacity and ability to be there for yourself. Because of this, you might find it hard to show up for yourself. You might put your goals, routines and general health and well-being on the back-burner as you prioritise everyone else but yourself.

So, today we wanted to share our tips and tricks on how to prioritise yourself to stress the importance of doing so.

Say No

Saying no is a necessary skill to master.

You do not have to be available for every request, and it is incredibly important to be able to say no to things that do not excite you.

Saying yes and making others and their needs a priority over your own is a common occurrence for WOC. Making yourself overly available can leave you exhausted and overwhelmed. Spreading yourself too thin and saying yes to every commitment will impact your health, well-being, productivity and relationships.

You cannot be there for everyone and everything, and that’s ok.

Saying no and meaning it will allow you to enjoy more in your life. Saying no will importantly protect your peace and encourage you to prioritise yourself.

Build Boundaries

Boundaries are important in ensuring your time, relationships and experiences are healthy and well-managed. Boundaries also allow you to care for, protect and prioritise yourself.

As WOC, our autonomy is often undermined and easily dismissed and disregarded. And so, establishing and maintaining boundaries is difficult.

Blurred or no boundaries can impact your happiness, build resentment and damage relationships, including the one you have with yourself.

It is necessary to identify things that drain your energy and leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious. In doing so, you can act accordingly by building, managing and implementing boundaries in your relationships, routines, and work-life that will support your well-being and deter fatigue and resentment. Be it physical, emotional, or time-related, any boundary that you feel is necessary is important to set.

Boundaries do wonders for your mental and relational health and truly emphasise the importance of prioritising yourself.

Show yourself some Love!

Prioritising yourself is an important act of self-care.

Self-love and compassion are also a part of this and can be instrumental in helping you build a healthy and rewarding relationship with yourself. Be it through carefully curated routines, little acts of indulgence, or regular treats and gifts, self-love is a powerful act of self-care. Showing warmth and compassion encourages you to be kinder to yourself and find ways to prioritise yourself and your well-being. Creating a healthy relationship with yourself and feeling the benefits of this can be deeply motivating in choosing to prioritise yourself.

Indulging in self-love and self-care is a necessary part of prioritising yourself.

Prioritising yourself is not a selfish act. You are allowed to put yourself first. It is important to remember that being there for others shouldn’t be to your detriment and cost you your mental or emotional well-being.

The best way to be there for others is to be there for yourself. It is important to ensure that you are rested, taken care of and happy to be your best self and live your best life!





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