How to Start a New Routine While Pursuing Your Dreams

How to Start a New Routine While Pursuing Your Dreams

As a new season starts, it’s natural to want more. A part of this is setting new goals, looking for new opportunities, and wanting as a whole to just do more. As we work towards our goals and try to better ourselves and our lives, a natural next step is to determine what we can do to achieve what it is that we want. We look into and evaluate our lives and see what we can do to create the change we want. In doing this, we can determine the next steps we must take.

Following this, creating and starting a new routine is a natural next step. Starting a new routine offers a really exciting beginning to your new journey. Acting as the first step it encourages and motivates you as you look to make progress toward your goals. Creating and starting a new routine is thrilling, allowing you to align with and hone in on your goals. A new routine sets you up for success as you work towards your goals.

Encouraging and improving productivity, reducing stress and creating a sense of order and control in your life, a new routine offers clarity and motivation. While there are countless benefits that can come from starting a new routine, it is all often, easier said than done.

Starting a new routine can be an enduring and often difficult process that requires patience, consideration, commitment and a deep sense of motivation. Without this, the process can often derail before it begins and leave your efforts fruitless.

Here at GirlDreamer, beginning a new journey and starting a new routine are things we do quite often. Finding fulfilment in setting new goals and taking leaps of faith, beginning a new routine has quickly become our forte. We want to share our top tips on how to start a new routine out right!

Determine your goals

Before you begin a new routine, you must first determine your goals. Your goals could be far-reaching life-changing goals or as simple as being more productive throughout the day. In first determining your goals you can then create a routine that will both work with and also help you achieve your goals.

In determining your goals you can ensure that your routine will align with you and your goals and will encourage productivity and the prioritisation of your dreams. When determining your goals it is vital that you ensure that it is something that you want, and not that from other influences. Regardless of what you see on social media, and what people in your life have to say, your goals should be your own to ensure they bring you happiness, joy and fulfilment. In ensuring this, you can then decide what needs to be in your routine to meet your goals. Prioritizing what is important to you and your goals will be a driving force in creating and accomplishing the purpose of your new routine.

Be realistic

As you create and begin a new routine, you must be and remain realistic.

We, like most of you, are dreamers. We believe that there is nothing we can’t do, accomplish or become if we put our mind to it. However, we also know that life happens and that things will sometimes be harder or more difficult than initially expected.

When creating and planning new routines, it is vital that you consider this. That sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can derail you and that things might be harder than anticipated. This is why you must enter your new routine being realistic and practical.

Now, we don’t mean that you go in, expecting to fail or for things to not work out. Just that you are prepared for things to not immediately fall into place or for your routine to be easy to follow through with.

In being realistic you understand that things take time, patience and continuous effort to work. For example, if you are not an early bird, and your new routine requires a 5 am start, you can’t expect that overnight there will be a miraculous change and that you will suddenly become a morning person. Change and progress can be slow and still gratifying, especially if met with patience and practicality.


Similarly, another essential part of creating and starting a new routine is committing to the process. Beginning new routines in the pursuit of our goals can often be an enduring, difficult and challenging journey. One that can test your commitment and patience and regularly have you considering giving up.

Before beginning your new routine we encourage you to truly commit to the journey and show up regardless of how hard it may be throughout. If you fail try again. Show up again and again throughout the process until you accomplish your goals.

The pursuit of our dreams and the journey is never an easy one. It requires a commitment to the routine and faith in the process.

Give yourself grace

Starting anew at anything can be daunting and often overwhelming, and beginning a new routine in the pursuit of your goals is no small feat.

It requires patience, commitment, practicality and most importantly, grace and understanding for yourself.

In beginning a new routine, it is vital that you give yourself grace throughout the process. You must understand that there are some days that will not work out as planned and will leave you feeling like a failure. However, you must throughout the process remind yourself that you are human and that there will be some days where you won’t have as much to give as you will on others. In moments like these, showing yourself kindness, grace and understanding will do more than beating yourself up ever will. We know that this is easier said than done and that sometimes you will feel like you have wasted time and not shown up as much as you can. However, we urge you to understand that showing up in whatever way you can, is still showing up, and you still deserve to be celebrated and to be given grace.

Throughout the process of starting a new routine, giving yourself grace is the one step that will always matter the most. It will ensure that you feel gratification throughout the process and not just at the end, when all is said and done. Showing kindness, grace and compassion to yourself will encourage you to continue trying and to give more because you know how rewarding it will be in the end.

Starting a new routine in the pursuit of your goals can be a daunting and inundating process. Moving through this time with a sense of commitment, practicality and grace will ensure that you are successful throughout the process and that you also find enjoyment and fulfilment throughout the process.





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