That Time We Met Meghan Markle & Prince Harry!

That Time We Met Meghan Markle & Prince Harry!

That’s correct.

You read the names: Meghan Markle AND Prince Harry!

You know that feeling when you somehow get backstage tickets to meet your favourite singer for like 30 seconds but that 30 seconds feels like 1 second and you feel so sweaty and nervous because you obvi want to proclaim how you’re their biggest fan and why they inspire you the way they do but you inconveniently get brain freeze?! Well, basically that’s exactly how we felt… and then some!

If you would’ve told us a few years ago, we’d be chilling, chatting and laughing with the Royals of this country, we would’ve reported you to the police for selling us a fake dream! I mean, ok that’s a bit extreme, we wouldn’t do that but we would obviously giggle and laugh because of how impossible that sounds. But it’s true. It really happened and it was one of heck of an experience in our life & here’s why:

Meghan Markle – 

The fact that we have always thought of Meghan as the ultimate ‘GirlDreamer’ and then having the chance to meet her just gives us too many feels that we physically can’t put into words (brb, still processing! xoxo). Meghan has been an absolute boss since day and her acts of bravery and empowerment speak for itself.  Over the past few years we’ve seen how the country has reacted to the arrival of Meghan into the Royal Family and all we can say is we truly admire her grace, courage and strength. We won’t go into too many opinions as we will be here all day BUT, what we will say is she is totally underrated because she is truly a wonderful person. Like truly!

Prince Harry – 

Now, it’s not every day we be meeting Princesses and Princes. But now that we were told we were going to, the nerves and intrusive thoughts kicked in! Do we smile, do we laugh, do we crack a joke, do we speak about politics, do we shake hands, bow, cursty?! Eeeek! Aaaghh!

Our first thoughts: Prince. Harry. Is. The. Most. Chill. Person. Like…EH-VUHHH! He’s truly genuine and such a down-to-earth person (as is Meghan). Being around them both is the most natural and comfortable feeling; they both ensure you are all on this very human level which instantly just humanises everything and feels like an ice cold watermelon spritzer on a dry, hot day. Aahhh.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust – 

None of this would’ve been possible without the support and belief of QCT. They fund, support and connect young leaders across the Commonwealth who are doing social good and believe us when we say, they are true to mission. You’ve never met such a wonderful and genuine team – facts! They have presented us with incredible opportunity after life-changing opportunity and we are SO grateful to know we have such support on our journey. It is all about support in this world and we are lucky enough to have such a strong network. Thank. You. Universe!

This is clearly our little freak out and from a personal perspective but if you want to read more about the meeting itself, the purpose and the more informative blog (not just us fan girling), then please click here to read QCT’s blog!

For now, please enjoy this picture of us casually hanging out with one of our role models and having a good ol’ laugh about insider stuff 😉



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