Creating the Life You Want in 2024

Creating the Life You Want in 2024

Isn’t there something so magical about a new year? The offering of a fresh start, a blank page. A whole year to seize.

To us, it’s the most exciting time of the year. A time when we can sit down and really determine what we want and how to work towards it.

Now, we know there is no real magical change that occurs as soon as a new year begins, but the symbolism of it all is the best part. The idea that with the beginning of a new year, our lives can change for the better. We can be more, do more, achieve more and most importantly, be happier.

Don’t get us wrong, we do not subscribe to the idea that with the beginning of a new year, everything must change. The intense and daunting notion that with a new year, we must change and change quickly, or our year will fail, is ineffective and anxiety-inducing. We know that, with all things, life will get in the way and that the pace of things will seldom match that of our dreams.

But, still, we continue to find joy when looking ahead to a new year. We do this by considering all of the above and still moving forward. We don’t believe that change and progression are immediate or mean less if it takes longer. We make our goals and missions for a new year personal, so they are not general, transactional goals that only offer a moment of gratification.

In working to create the life we want each year, we do certain things to ensure we feel motivated, encouraged, and excited.

To begin with, when entering a new year, we like to realign our goals, visions and aims of the year and really determine what we want.

This means we look into ourselves and our lives and decide what we want our lives to look like a year from now. We take the time to determine what we want to have done, achieved, seen and experienced, and reevaluate.

This does not mean we enter the new year with every detail and step nailed out, alongside a 20-step plan. It simply means we have a general idea of what we want and why.

We know what we want will bring us joy, peace and fulfilment. In understanding this, we know we will work to achieve these things as the gratification will be powerful. This encourages us to act in alignment with our goals and work towards what we want.

We know that by simply acknowledging and determining what you want in life, you can create it. The power of our dreams and goals is that they act as guiding lights and keep us on track. In knowing what we want, we act accordingly and don’t let mishaps, inconveniences and step-backs derail this. We simply overcome.

Moreover, we don’t centre all of our plans for the year around our careers, professional goals and advancement. Other aspects of our lives are just as important, and so when planning for our dream year, we dedicate as much time to the other parts of our lives as we do our careers. Be it learning a new skill, spending more time with family and friends, enjoying the outdoors more or practising a hobby that brings us joy, we see these parts of our lives to be as important as our careers. We know that these small parts make up our every day, and in practising them, we will find greater fulfilment and further happiness because of how these different aspects fulfil and fuel us.

We know that by simply acknowledging and determining what it is that you want in life, you can create it.

Alongside determining what we want our year to look like, another essential part of creating the life we want in a new year is beginning and continuing to advocate and prioritise yourself. One of the most vital parts of creating the life you want is choosing yourself again and again. Advocating for yourself and prioritising yourself is essential in ensuring you live in an authentic and fulfilling way. It ensures you continue to champion yourself and the life that you want.

In advocating for yourself and prioritising yourself, you understand that your life is yours to live and that among a sea of the thoughts, feelings and opinions of others, yours is the most important and should continue to take precedence.

A new year encourages us to realign and identify what it is that we want in life.

With so much joy, excitement, and fulfilment to be found, we must remain true to ourselves and live authentically as we create the life we want. Identifying what we want and continuing to prioritise and advocate for ourselves encourages us to champion our goals and wants and create a life that fulfils and fuels us.





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