Finding Strength in Starting Again

Finding Strength in Starting Again

Closing a chapter and turning over a new leaf of life seems smooth in theory, however, it is in fact very strenuous in its practice. Having closure and moving forward requires a lot of courage and strength. Though the journey itself is like burning the candle at both ends, it really is never too late to start over.

Our experience shapes us into who we are, our journey reflects the choices we make, the choices we own and the lesson we learn. 

The fear of either re-doing a life phase in a different manner hoping for a positive outcome or getting out of a situation altogether can create a pang of anxiousness. However, hoping for a better future, striving to become a better version of yourself, and breaking out from a trail of toxicity can act as a driving force in shaping our bravery, resilience and positivity. 

Starting over means different things for different people. When starting over it is important to remember that you:

Take Risks 

Beginning a new chapter of your life can create discomfort and can push you out of your comfort zone. Taking risks is important in any new chapter of growth. Risk encourages you to rely on and believe in yourself.

Remember To Do it for Yourself 

Starting over and letting go of stressful situations will shape you, your character and your outlook on life. Proving yourself to yourself will always be more important than proving your capabilities to society. Your opinions and feelings about yourself should always hold more weight and importance than those of others. You should always be your biggest advocate. 

Learn What you Can

The hard work you do, the striving and yearning to reach the silver lining is all a part of the journey. This journey can turn into an experience offering important and rewarding life lessons. The lessons you learn can help you grow in your confidence and capability, renew your passions and leave you feeling more enlightened and excited about the next chapter. 





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