Why You Should Embrace Delusion

Why You Should Embrace Delusion

This world is not easy to live in, and it seems to just get harder. With more obstacles to navigate and ever-evolving difficulties, it’s as though there is a neverending list of hardships to overcome.

In response to these difficulties and the hardship of reality, we are told to put our heads down and work. Work to overcome roadblocks and create stability, or as close to it as possible. We are told we should prioritise a life that is agreeable and rational, a stark contrast to how we are taught to look at adulthood as children.

As children, we are taught to think big and follow our dreams. We are told to indulge in our wildest imaginations and think of those outcomes as possibilities for our future. However, as soon as we enter adulthood, we are expected to push these ‘childish’ notions aside and become sensible fast.

We are expected to choose the most financially sustainable career and the most sensible lifestyle and to ‘settle’ as soon we can, in whatever bleak way that means. As soon we are on the cusp of adulthood, we are expected to disregard our childhood dreams and goals in favour of something reliable and sensible. We must become adults.

Those who continue to pursue their dreams and goals are considered clueless and irrational, with little regard for reality and more specifically, the reality of adulthood. The pursuit of one’s dreams and goals is referred to as a fool’s chase, and the idea of embracing and following a unique path is trivialised and disregarded as a wasteful pursuit.

However, with how challenging our every day is, are there really any reliable or sustainable choices we can make? Even if you do take the sensible route, with the overwhelming bitterness of reality, is there a way we can ‘settle’ and be happy with our choices?

In a world that seems to be getting more challenging every day, it’s important to find ways to make life more bearable. Indulging in whatever it is that brings us joy and helps us navigate the bitterness and harshness of reality as a form of self-preservation.

One way we do this here at GirlDreamer, is by indulging in our delusions. To pursue our dreams, create our ideal future and curate the life that we want, we have blind, delusional faith in ourselves and our future as an act of self-preservation and manifestation.

Delusion, or rather the ability to be delusional, plays a vital role in overcoming obstacles and persevering towards our dreams. Taking our delusions as a mantra to create the life we want can help us find the strength we need to persevere.

When we are audacious in what we want to achieve and become, we can translate these dreams into realities, living the life that we want. Being audacious and believing in yourself, even when the world seems to be against you, can be a powerful tool for creating the life we want. Similar to trends seen online, like the ‘lucky girl syndrome’, embracing and leaning into delusion is a powerful tool of manifestation and one that likens itself to the law of attraction, which outlines that by speaking life into the things we want, they will materialise.

Now, we are not telling you to lose all sense of reality and expect that by simply willing your life to change, it will. But we urge you to embrace your wildest dreams and begin rationalising them. Understand that your dreams can and will happen and that the life that you want is within reach.

To see it, you must first believe it.

It’s not always easy to be delusional and create a pattern of positive thinking. It can, however, be a helpful mindset to adopt in order to shed limiting beliefs and create a reality that is fulfilling.

As a matter of self-preservation, we believe things will work out for us, disregarding the obstacles life throws us. Through delusion, blind faith or a belief in a greater purpose, we are able to shed limiting beliefs and work to create a life that aligns with us.

The simplicity of delusion is what makes it so attainable. By asking ourselves what if the best possible outcome could happen, we can find some solace and even some inspiration. Whatever it is that makes life more bearable, we urge you to indulge. Think of a reality where you are fulfilled and know that you can and will materialise this life.

Be it through incorporating positive or grateful thinking, embracing delusion is embracing quiet confidence in yourself. You know your worth and you work and wish to create the very best for yourself.





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